Thai lady suffers for 6 years after surgeon leaves drill bit inside her leg

A Thai woman is rallying for justice after a well being care provider at Saraburi Hospital in central Thailand left a broken drill bit inside her leg during surgical procedure more than six years in the past, taking away her capacity to stroll and causing her years of unbearable ache.
Yesterday, the Social Justice Campaign Network took fifty seven yr old Chantra Wutthiyanan, in a wheelchair, to current a letter to the Ministry of Public Health demanding justice for gross negligence.
The victim, Chantra, stated she had a automotive accident in 2016 and was handled at Saraburi Hospital. Doctors performed surgical procedure to place seven metal splints in Chantra’s leg.
In 2017, Chantra underwent surgical procedure at Saraburi Hospital to have the steel splints faraway from her leg. After the surgery, the hospital did not organize any follow-up appointments to assess her restoration, mentioned Chantra.
Chantra mentioned the pain progressively elevated till she couldn’t stroll and he or she felt stress in her leg like by no means before. She said she developed spots on her legs and hands that grew to become infected.
Kickstart mentioned she took medicine to ease the symptoms until she couldn’t cope anymore. Chantra returned to Saraburi Hospital to search out the physician who performed the surgical procedure however said she couldn’t find him, as a outcome of she wasn’t certain which physician it was.
Other doctors at the hospital gave Chantra drugs to deal with her signs and despatched her away. But things only received worse.
Fast forward to 2022 and Chantra was struggling like by no means before. She went to Adisorn Camp Hospital in Sara Buri province, where medical doctors x-rayed her leg.
Doctors couldn’t consider it when the x-ray outcomes revealed a broken surgical drill bit caught inside Chantra’s leg, stopping her capability to stroll. They despatched her to Phramongkutklao Hospital in Bangkok to have the drill bit surgically removed.
More than six years after the initial surgical procedure, Chantra travelled to the Ministry of Health to request justice..

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