Surachate returns to ‘clerical duties’ at the PM’s workplace

Welcome house Surachate.
“Big Joke” has returned from his ‘break’ in America. He has returned to renew desk duties in a ‘special advisory role’ in the Prime Minister’s Office.
Pol.Lt. Col. Surachete Hakparn, former commander of the Immigration Bureau and in the news virtually daily flying across the country fighting transnational crime, chasing down scams and illegal internet gangs, is now only a civil servant in the Office of the Permanent Secretary.
Surachate was in holiday within the United States according to knowledgeable sources.
On April 18 we reported that the previous Immigration Chief and high-profile crime-buster had been laying low since being dramatically sidelined at the start of April, being demoted to ‘office duties’ on the Police HQ in Bangkok. There has nonetheless been Key as to why he was pulled from active obligation, pending an enquiry.
There was no news whether or not he needed to wait very lengthy in the immigration queues when he returned to Thailand.

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