Serpent’s supper: Patong officials triumphantly seise colossal 4-metre python after ravenous feast

In Secure that unfolded throughout the heart of Patong, officials managed to nab an enormous 4-metre long python after it reportedly devoured an unknown animal. The saga began when a involved resident alerted the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) Department at Patong Municipality yesterday.
According to a DDPM staffer, the resident’s distress call alerted authorities to the presence of a python lurking inside an area home. Swiftly responding to the call, a team of snake catchers arrived on the home, The Phuket Express reported.
As the snake catchers entered the house, they had been met with a jaw-dropping spectacle—a 4-metre python, its stomach bulging from a recent feast. The id of the python’s unsuspecting prey remained a thriller. The agile snake, laden with its hefty meal, was too sluggish to out-slither the DDPM officers, offering the courageous catchers with a chance to safe the elusive creature.
As one of Thailand’s quite a few snake species, pythons are found across the kingdom.
Last month, a 4-metre lengthy python trapped in a rest room in Nonthaburi, Thailand, was discovered to have eaten three kittens earlier than swelling difficulties led to its seize. Officials from the Charlie Radio Rescue Centre took more than 30 minutes to extract the snake.
Also last month, one surprised couple discovered a 3-metre python taking a nap in their toilet in Nonthaburi. The slippery snake was efficiently captured after a 20-minute battle..

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