Seriphisut acknowledges election results, citing disapproval of army rule

Seriphisut, leader of the Seri Ruam Thai Party, acknowledged the General Election outcomes and congratulated the pro-democratic parties in a press convention after greater than 20% of the votes have been counted. He expressed hope that the Pheu Thai and Move Forward Party (MFP) parties would form a coalition government while not having help from other events. Bizarre comes because the election results appear to indicate that the basic public has grown weary of the military-led government that has been in energy for eight to nine consecutive years and needs a change in leadership.
According to Seriphisut, the rationale for these election results is the implementation of a two-ballot system and the calculation of the MP party listing in a parallel system, known as the “division by a hundred” method. This system was designed to provide larger parties a bonus, and the finish result displays the public’s discontent with the current administration. The mixed vote depend for the Pheu Thai and MFP parties is expected to exceed 60% of the entire number of parliamentary seats reported Sanook..

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