Rescuers deal with python puzzle in wall hole, sparks rush for lottery tickets in central Thailand

A cussed python snake that hid in a tiny brick wall gap had rescuers engaged in a gruelling two-hour effort to free it and sparked a rush to buy lottery tickets. The sudden incident in Nonthaburi province, central Thailand led the homeowner to speculate if luck had arrived with the creature, telling all that he plans to buy lottery tickets in hope.
Emergency companies were alerted to the massive python tucked away within the wall of a residence in Pak Kret District at roughly 5.30pm yesterday, July 26. They promptly dispatched rescue personnel with the requisite instruments to seize the serpent. Upon arrival, they found a sizeable python coiled inside a slender crevice of the aforementioned property. Although captors managed to lasso the snake, extraction was impossible due to the crack’s minimal width.
The snake, with a noticeable bulge mid-body, appeared to have consumed a rat or another small animal from the grassland nearby earlier than slithering into the crevice. Upon successful lassoing of the snake, the team’s makes an attempt to drag the reptile free had been met with vital resistance, with the obstinate creature repeatedly burrowing its head deeper into the crevice to avoid capture.
Running out of alternatives, the staff determined to widen the crevice by breaking the block brick wall. Partial success was achieved when only the tail finish of the snake could be pulled out, with the snake’s head wedged into a gap inside the home, resulting in the lavatory flooring. Breaking the concrete rest room floor, overlaid with tiles, proved to be a formidable problem.
The group resolved to additional expand the hole within the block wall to extract the snake. Each time they made progress, the clever creature tried to slither away. But lastly, after widening the outlet much more, they have been in a position to haul out the cussed snake, leaving the team panting from exhaustion. The operation took more than two hours before the serpent could be bagged and returned to nature.
Team member Kovit Boonmang, still panting from the ordeal, revealed the capture was notably tedious and challenging because the snake had burrowed into the concrete flooring, necessitating the breaking of three brick blocks to enlarge the outlet.
Effortless outdated house owner, Vasana Nuanmai, recalled the incident with palpable excitement. She was sweeping her backyard when she noticed the snake within the wall crack and promptly alerted native authorities, who coordinated with an area rescue staff.
Remarkably, despite the nerve-wracking ordeal, Vasana was hopeful about the surprising visitor’s potential luck bestowal. She said…

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