Man steals 5,000 baht handout from kidney patient

A forty seven year previous man undergoing remedy for kidney disease at a hospital in Nang Rong, near Buriram, north-east Thailand, has had his 5,000 baht authorities handout stolen – by a relative.
The man, named only as Narongsak, applied for the help package deal, put in place to ease the economic hardship attributable to the Covid-19 outbreak, and requested a member of the family to check his account at an ATM machine to see if the money had come through.
Thai Residents reports that the relative, a 34 year outdated man named only as ‘Sompong’, checked the account, noticed the transfer had been made, and then went on to withdraw three,000 baht for himself.
It’s understood the victim’s sister filed a police report on her brother’s behalf yesterday, after which Sompong offered himself at Nang Rong police station for interview. While under questioning, he initially claimed he’d withdrawn the money on behalf of the victim, however finally confessed it was for himself. He added that although he was not experiencing any financial hardship, he couldn’t resist taking the money once he saw it sitting in his relative’s account.
It’s understood that Narongsak has forgiven his dishonest member of the family, who is facing prosecution for theft. He has but to return the 3,000 baht.
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