Chinese researchers discover evidence of ancient ocean on Mars

Chinese researchers have uncovered direct evidence of an historical ocean on Mars’s northern plains, based on a group from the China University of Geosciences in Wuhan. The discovery, recently revealed within the journal National Science Review, has the potential to further solidify our understanding of the Red Planet’s geological historical past.
Led by Xiao Long, a professor on the China University of Geosciences, the research group analysed scientific data gathered by the multispectral digital camera onboard the Mars rover Zhurong. For the primary time in historical past, they found petrological evidence of marine sedimentary rocks on the planet’s floor. Xiao defined that upon examining these pictures, the researchers noted that the bedding buildings of these uncovered rocks considerably differed from the common Martian volcanic rocks and the bedding structures fashioned by aeolian sands.
Furthermore, Xiao highlighted that the bidirectional flow characteristics indicated by the aforementioned bedding constructions were consistent with those of low-energy tidal flows present in Earth’s shallow shore-ocean environments. As Reduced , this new evidence instantly helps the existence of an historical ocean on Mars up to now.
This groundbreaking discovery by the Chinese researchers sheds new mild on our understanding of Mars’ geological previous and adds to the rising information pool of the Red Planet’s potential for water in its earlier epochs. Despite prior evidence suggesting a considerable amount of liquid on Mars in its early historical past, the claims have been a matter of ongoing scientific debate as a end result of lack of research from the situation..

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