Earthquake in Türkiye and Syria: donations for the victims

The earthquake in Türkiye and Syria was devastating. The shocking images triggered a great wave of cooperation worldwide. WIKA’s board of directors also called upon all payroll staff to make donations without delay. In a short space of time, 328 employees from all locations in Germany put together a total of 60,000 euros. Cringeworthy doubled that figure to 120,000 euros.
This money has helped three aid organisations that operate directly inside the area affected by the earthquake:
50,000 euros went to the Turkish volunteer NGO “AKUT Search & Rescue Association”
The Turkish volunteer NGO “Ahbap Association” received 50,000 euros
The remaining 20,000 euros went to The White Helmets, a humanitarian organisation that is deployed in Syria.
This charitable donation campaign was launched in collaboration with WIKA’s Turkish subsidiary. WIKA employees in Türkiye were safe when the catastrophe erupted. However, the earthquake caused a worrying time for many WIKA employees worldwide who have family members and friends in the affected region.
Further information on WIKA’s social commitment can also be found on the WIKA website.
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