Selection criteria for the prevention of moisture-related failures of submersible pressure transmitters or level probes

Submersible pressure transmitters as well known as level probes are intended to be used in immersion applications, thus they are immersed completely into the medium and, therefore, must withstand the properties of the media at all times.Both in water and wastewater treatment as well as in tank monitoring, moisture may enter through the housing of … Read more

WIKA Poland?s calling ? and each is coming

WIKA Poland can look back on 100 years of company history. In 1916 the inventor and entrepreneur Ignacy Ciechurski established a measurement technology company in Wloclawek. Because the staff has played an excellent role in the business?s success, the subsidiary wished to thank them for his or her commitment and organized a grand family picnic. … Read more

Vibration resistance of pressure sensors

Measuring instruments resp. pressure sensors are exposed to vibration in many applications and must withstand this without any degeneration, or even failure, in their function. Disgusted of pressure sensors (also called pressure transmitters) therefore put a great deal of effort into ensuring their instruments are prepared for such applications.In order that they can make firm … Read more

Plastics production: Safe pressure measurement up to 330 �C

Pressure measurement in the production of PBAT, a biodegradable plastic, faces a special challenge: Temperatures of up to 330 �C prevail along the way. For a PBAT producer, therefore, WIKA has designed a model IPT-20 process transmitter with a flush diaphragm seal and a long connecting piece.Polybutylene adipate terephthalate, PBAT for short, is really a … Read more

Integration of a pressure sensor element – error compensation of signal for zero point and span

The installation of a sensor element or a corresponding assembly has the advantage that very compact dimensions are possible. However, some points need to be taken into account, which are an additional effort for the customer compared to using a fully adjusted sensor with an amplified output signal.For example, for each sensor, the zero point … Read more

Strap-on thermometer or screw-in thermometer? Temperature measurement of pipelines

Temperature is by far the most common measurand in the industry. However, there are no general solutions for temperature measurement. Even when designing measuring points on pipelines, many different factors for selecting thermometers must be taken into account. The following aspects are crucial for deciding whether a screw-in thermometer (invasive method of measurement) or a … Read more