Truckers protest diesel prices at Ministry of Energy

A protest by truckers happened on a Bangkok highway yesterday to deliver consideration to the high worth of diesel. The truckers are calling for a cap on gas costs, and drove in a convoy to the Ministry of Energy to make their calls for identified.
The drivers parked their vans along 4 roads around Bangkok, according to the Bangkok Post. These vehicles displayed banners that read “Truck Power Season 2,” which is the name of the campaign to have diesel costs capped at 25 baht per litre. The Land Transport Federation of Thailand, or LTFT, planned the protest, which called for as many as 500 to 700 vehicles to affix. These vans would drive along 4 completely different routes around the city, and finally all meet on the Ministry of Energy for an enormous rally.
This is simply the newest protest over diesel prices in Thailand. Earlier this month, an identical strike by truckers and bus drivers was held, in which the LTFT stopped 20% of their vehicles from running for one week.
In addition to the worth cap at 25 baht per litre, the chairman of the federation called for the excise tax on diesel to be reduce, stories the Post. He mentioned that the ministry has until the tip of this month to help the truckers. If ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์ for are not met by then, the chairman says that the federation will increase transportation costs by 10%.
For now, the energy minister is holding firm on a diesel value cap of 30 baht per litre and says that this is only attainable through the existing cooperation from the private and public sectors..

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