Thailand legislation enforcement will get new “laser” narcotics analysers

Thailand regulation enforcement will now use a brand new “laser” narcotics analyser to check suspicious substances and chemical compounds in main drug busts. It’s apparently a extra correct technique to identify illicit medicine than the present colour test. The new portable drug check happens to return a couple of months after Thailand claimed to have seized eleven.5 tonnes of ketamine in the “biggest drug bust ever” and then found the substance was actually a cleansing agent.
In earlier stories, Justice Minister Somsak Thepsutin stated the mistake was a “technical error” and the testing fluid had turned “purple,” a constructive sign for ketamine. Somsak didn’t mention the failed ketamine bust when asserting that a pair of “portable Raman spectroscopy analysers” had been delivered to Thailand from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. He says the new tool is more correct than the colour test.
“The new moveable analysers utilise the Raman spectroscopy approach to determine suspicious medication and chemicals in less than 30 seconds, and extra precisely than the colour check methodology that we at present use.”
Not solely can the device detect drugs, however apparently its laser can also detect components like colouring and flavouring agents, in accordance with Office of the Narcotics Control Board secretary general Wichai Chaimongkhol.
More can detect chemical compounds either in powder, crystallised, tablet, capsule or liquid form… Its laser can penetrate clear containers or wrapping of up to 2mm thickness and read the scattering of sunshine to establish the substance precisely, reducing the risk of officials handling dangerous chemicals while also helping preserve the proof.”
The software is deliberate to be used to identify suspicious medicine and chemicals that are smuggled throughout the border as properly as at airports and seaports..

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