Thai man drinks crocodile blood twice a day

A businessman in southern Thailand claims his secret to nice well being is by drinking crocodile blood mixed with alcohol twice a day. He says he was exhausted however is now vigorous after two months on the reptile juice.
Every day, 52 yr previous Rojakorn Nanon from Na Tham Tai subdistrict in Trang province begins and finishes off his day with a glass of crocodile blood blended with lao khao (Thai white spirit). He believes that the cocktail nourishes the physique, the blood, and the nervous system. He says it is historic wisdom.
Rojakorn says he used to be physically weak. After tasting the crocodilian blood, he stated he felt a lot better. He began drinking a cup of the alcoholic blood within the morning and one at night time and now he swears by the stuff. He says the drink in all probability solely exists in Trang province due to the prevalence of crocodile farms.
Rojakorn’s crocodile blood is equipped by fifty three year previous Wanchai Chaikerd, the proprietor of a crocodile farm in Ban Pho subdistrict in Trang province. He is also the chairman of the Trang Crocodile Breeding Group, reports KhaoSod.
Wanchai says he has run the freshwater crocodile farm for five or six years already. With a current inhabitants of one hundred twenty crocodiles, it’s the greatest farm of its kind in the province, claims Wanchai.
Before the pandemic, Wanchai largely raised crocodiles to promote to buyers in central provinces for high costs. Most prospects purchased them for meat. However, Covid-19 made it difficult to export crocodiles anyplace, so he bought them domestically for a reduced four,500 – 8000 baht every.
Then, locals began flocking to Wanchai’s farm looking for crocodile blood, he claims. Wanchai says that crocodiles have very little blood. One of the reptiles contains solely 100cc of blood or about one to two glasses.
The croc farmer says that essentially the most useful blood comes from crocodiles between three and a half to 4 years outdated, which is the age a croc is strongest.
He claims the well being benefits are lots: helps circulation, strengthens purple blood cells, increases platelet rely and white blood cells, and nourishes egg and sperm cells. Quick claims that crocodile blood even cures infertility.
But as Wanchai can get only one or two glasses from each croc, he mixes the blood with lao khao to make it go further. He sells every glass for 200-300 baht.
The meat of the sacrificed reptiles is eaten and then their skins are used to make medicines, luggage, belts, shoes and jewelry, said Wanchai..

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