Perimeter Solutions introduces SOLBERG VERSAGARD line of fluorine-free, alcohol-resistant firefighting foam concentrates for Class B functions

Perimeter Solutions announced the introduction of a new line of fluorine-free firefighting foam concentrates for general objective use. Called SOLBERG VERSAGARD, the fluorine-free line debuts with SOLBERG VERSAGARD AS-100. SOLBERG VERSAGARD AS-100 multipurpose 3×3 fluorine-free foam focus is an alcohol resistant, state-of-the-art pseudoplastic foam know-how designed for extinguishing and securing each Class B (hydrocarbon and polar solvent liquid fuel) and deep-seated Class A fires. This biodegradable and non-persistent focus is made with no siloxanes and is a mixture of hydrocarbon surfactants and components that delivers wonderful foaming, vapor sealing, extinguishment and burn-back properties using recent, sea or brackish water. เกจวัดแรงดันอาร์กอน -free foams are viscous and infrequently show viscosity improve when in contact with water. SOLBERG VERSAGARD AS-100 creates very secure foams while keeping an analogous viscosity to traditional AR-AFFF foams. This significantly improves storage, handling and long-term stability. SOLBERG VERSAGARD enters the market with a growing variety of worldwide certifications, including EN-1568-1/2/3/4:2018, LASTFIRE, ICAO B and International Maritime Organization.
According to Javier Castro, General Manager for Perimeter Solutions Fire Safety Group, SOLBERG VERSAGARD AS-100 is an instance of the continuing expertise innovation by the company in the space of fluorine-free foams. ‘At Perimeter Solutions, we’re engaged in an intensive development programme for fluorine-free technology that meets the best degree of fire-suppression requirements,’ he said. ‘In addition to the excellent firefighting performance, one of the key advances of SOLBERG VERSAGARD is its constant viscosity when involved with water, which is vastly totally different from many other fluorine-free foams in the marketplace. This can have a dramatic impact on dealing with and use charges in firefighting operations.’ he said.
A broad vary of use applications

SOLBERG VERSAGARD AS-100 is designed to generate steady foams with high fluidity and sluggish drainage. This novel expertise allows SOLBERG VERSAGARD to carry out similarly to fluorinated products. It could additionally be used with low-expansion foam gear (nozzles and monitors) and medium- and high-expansion foam discharge devices to battle fires involving Class B hydrocarbon and polar solvent gas fires. It is fully suitable and simply proportioned with standard firefighting tools, together with in-line inductors, self-inducting nozzles, hearth truck pumps, bladder tanks, pump skids, balanced strain methods and more.
In addition to its wonderful foamability and bubble stability, SOLBERG VERSAGARD AS-100 has excellent wetting capacity, making it additionally an effective tool for the extinguishment of Class A gas fires.
Multiple certifications show effectiveness

Perimeter Solutions has achieved a broad range of certifications for SOLBERG VERSAGARD AS-100 required for varied areas and functions. The firefighting foam focus:
Has achieved the maximum score and is certified to European Standard EN-1568:2018 half 3 & four on all fuels with freshwater and seawater – IA/IA – IA/IA

Passes and is licensed to European Standard EN-1568:2018 half 1 & 2 – for use with medium- and high-expansion foam discharge gadgets

Has achieved International Maritime Organization certification MSC.1/Circ. 1312

Has been LASTFIRE batch-certified as GOOD/GOOD/GOOD with 3 nozzles (semi, asp, system)

Has achieved ICAO Level B

The firm is pursuing extra certifications for the product. SOLBERG VERSAGARD AS-100 is available immediately on a worldwide foundation. Perimeter Solutions shall be discussing the brand new foam know-how at the AOG Energy Conference in Perth, Australia, 11–12 March 2021, Stand D23.
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