Deadly hit and run in Kampaeng Phet: bicycle owner discovered dead at roadside

In what seems to be a case of a hit and run, a cyclist‘s physique was found deserted alongside a street in Kamphaeng Phet province, Thailand. The victim’s body found 5 kilometres away from his shattered bicycle, bore the worrying indicators of a collision and was swiftly discarded. Residents heard the loud crash whereas the culprit’s id remains unknown.
Upon examination of the location of the deadly hit and run incident, the physique of Sao Phuangnil, generally generally identified as Kai, was discovered. The 47 12 months previous was discovered wearing his biking gear. No traces of a struggle or a braking vehicle had been discovered. There was only a coin lying on the highway, blood on the victim’s face, and accidents on his brow and shoulder.
Discount shared that earlier than the incident, they heard a sound like a knife falling on the street and rushed to the site with their mother who was there on the time. They found the victim mendacity on the roadside with a coin beside him and promptly reported the incident to the police.
Another individual cycling with the deceased shared that Sao Phuangnil worked in a manufacturing unit and used to cycle every evening with a bunch of cyclists.
On the hit and run day, they went their separate ways residence round 8pm. The friend speculated that Kai might have been hit by a vehicle and dragged alongside for a significant distance before being abandoned by the driver, intent on escaping any authorized ramifications.
Following this, the investigating officer travelled about 5 kilometres again from the physique discovery web site to examine the collision traces. There they found Samnao’s bicycle, broken into two parts with every part about 20 metres apart. Various bicycle components and other objects had been scattered alongside the roadside, yet no skid marks were from any braking automobile.
Residents told the officials that they did hear a loud crash similar to an accident and a few ambiguous noise for a brief duration. On rushing outside, they discovered the broken bicycle..

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