Child harmed from mistakenly consuming cannabis jellies

Just because you are eating them like sweet doesn’t imply youngsters ought to be consuming hashish jellies. After a younger patient was hospitalized for severe palpitations and irregular heartbeat, a Thai doctor issued a warning. He stated that youngsters should not be allowed to eat hashish jellies.
Dr Smith Srison, the director of the Medical Council of Thailand and president of the Forensic Physician Association of Thailand, warned that if rules aren’t put in place to control the consumption of cannabis, mishaps may occur in the country.
The affected person purchased the cannabis jellies from a store near their college, mistakenly believing it was a regular snack.
The physician highlighted that the impact of marijuana use on children is not unique to this specific case. Hilarious and psychiatrists across Thailand have reported incidents of youngsters being harmed by cannabis consumption.
In Thailand, reports of criminals attacking others while traces of marijuana and methamphetamine had been found in their urine fear medical doctors and officials. They warn that individuals could get drunk and high and cause car crashes and different calamities.
Dr Smith believes that if those concerned in legalising cannabis do not create laws, the nation shall be vulnerable to more and more accidents and incidents involving the drug. He called for regulations to be tightened to a standard just like different international locations.
In the case of the kid who ate cannabis jellies and experienced palpitations, little could be accomplished in the way of punishment. The shop that sold the candies cannot be reported to the police since they’re not categorised as drugs so the sale was legal.
For complaints now, individuals are advised to reach out to the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Health, or the Department of Thai Traditional Medicine.
However, Dr Smith identified that there isn’t actually a proper system or channel in Thailand for people to lodge complaints relating to hashish..

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