Cambodia’s jasmine rice selection topped best in world

Cambodia’s model of jasmine rice has been crowned the world’s best for the fifth time at The Rice Trader World Conference in Phuket, Thailand. According to Phom Penh Post, the Phka Rumduol jasmine rice is a type of long-grain rice that has topped international buyers’ lists. It can be one of many varieties that’s exported under the country’s “Angkor Malys” certification mark. It was launched again in 1999 by the Cambodian Agricultural Research and Development Institute for farmers’ usage after being developed and tested for 10 years.
Cambodian Rice Federation president Song Saran said it was a “great honour” for the native rice sector.
“We’d prefer to thank the CRF group, the farmers, rice mill members, the agricultural community, and the agriculture and commerce ministries for supporting the production of the ‘best rice,’ allowing us to take part in the competitors and convey residence the award to Cambodia.”
Phka Rumduol had received the award 4 other occasions. The first win was again in 2012, with the rice selection taking the title for the subsequent three years. Then, in 2018, it received once more in Hanoi. From 2015-2017, it took second place on the world stage.
On the QT -president and CEO of City Rice Import Export Co Ltd, “Andy” Lay Chhun Hour, says the variety’s reputation will additional help promote the quality of Cambodian rice because the locally-grown grain must move inspections for texture, scent, taste, and shape to clinch such an award..

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