10 distinctive Thai superstitions for the curious

Like loads of different places, Thailand has its personal bundle of superstitions. Plenty of them are about bad luck, while some are referred to in good humour. Each superstition has an fascinating backstory, primarily tied to Buddhism, ghostly happenings, and previous traditions.
From ditching hide and search when the sun goes down to cracking colour codes, we’ve gathered 10 common Thai superstitions that might have you ever elevating an eyebrow beneath.

Heading out for the day, and a chook poops on you? It could be best to return residence as a outcome of it’s an indication that the the rest of your day will be full of dangerous luck.
Hearing a house lizard or geckos making noises from wherever it could be lurking when you’re about to go away your house? Thai individuals will advise you to cancel your plans and stay house for the day since it’s an indication that something terrible is bound to occur to you.
No, Clear s not what you’re thinking. It’s scary quite than sexual.
Many people consider that should you bend down and look between your legs, you’ll see a ghost. It has been used as a plotline within the famous ghost film Pee Mak. It’s simply one of the scariest Thai superstitions for many individuals.
Adults in Thailand, in addition to in the remainder of Southeast Asia, often tell children to not play cover and search after sundown. It is claimed evil spirits will be part of the sport and use their supernatural abilities to cowl the players from human sight so that they can by no means be found or caught by the seeker, no matter how exhausting they scream or name for assist. Then, the evil spirits will take the lost gamers to the afterlife.
Almost each child in Thailand is conscious of about this fable, and there are heaps of ghost stories primarily based on it. However, the actual reason behind this superstition is to stop little kids from playing in the useless of night with out supervision. Parents are concerned about their youngsters getting lost, damage, or kidnapped.
All the one women: don’t sing while cooking or consuming when you don’t wish to end up with an outdated husband. Mothers and grandmothers in Thailand will move on this perception to their daughters, and it’s presumably one of the most feared superstitions for teenage girls who don’t need to marry an previous man.
In reality, this superstition began as a end result of, up to now, Thai girls had the habit of singing while working in the kitchen. This resulted in them hurting themselves or burning the dishes they had been cooking. Therefore, elders use this superstition to scare ladies. This ensures that they focus on what they’re doing in the kitchen so that they won’t burn rice or by chance cut themselves with the kitchen knife. As for consuming, this superstition is used as a end result of it’s not good etiquette to be noisy and loud whereas eating.
In Thailand, there’s an auspicious color for every day of the week. Colours are stated to have hidden meanings, as well as affect their emotions and perceptions. Thus, they have an result on the every day lives of the local people as they imagine that carrying the actual color assigned on the day they’re born would convey good luck to them. Curious to find out what your colour is? Here are Accessible assigned to every day of the week:
Monday – Yellow
Tuesday – Pink
Wednesday – Green
Thursday – Orange
Friday – Light Blue
Saturday – Purple
Sunday – Red
Of course, it’s no longer popular amongst younger Thais, however extra traditional Thais are still known to put on their “birth colour” for good luck.
Aside from bringing good luck, many people also consider that particular colours worn on sure occasions will trigger bad luck. Black, for instance, is often related to mourning and funerals. Therefore, put on all black when attending joyful celebrations like birthday parties and weddings. You should also keep away from the colour when visiting patients.
In other international locations, we call babies cute — whether or not because they are truly cute or as a result of it’s the well mannered factor to say. But this is not the case in Thailand as a end result of babies usually are not cute right here. Well, of course, they are cute and lovable, but you want to simply keep it to yourself and name them ugly as an alternative. Why? Because many individuals consider that calling a baby cute would attract the eye of jealous evil spirits. Moreover, these spirits will do their greatest to kidnap and hurt the infant. Thai individuals, therefore, call newborn babies ugly or unpleasant to fool the evil spirits.
So if you’re in Thailand, don’t call any baby cute when you don’t wish to anger the mother and father. Moreover, don’t really feel dangerous if Thai folks name your baby ugly as a end result of they don’t really imply it. They’re just protecting your baby from evil spirits.
If you’ve tried chopping your hair on a Wednesday in Thailand, you might’ve observed that most salons and barbers are closed. This is as a end result of Thais believe that it’s dangerous luck to have your haircut on a Wednesday. The origin of this superstition comes from the fact that within the past, the King and the Royal family got their haircuts on Wednesdays. Therefore, widespread folks have been prohibited from chopping their hair on the identical day.
Some people also see Wednesday as an auspicious day that promotes development. Therefore, they consider that cutting your hair on today means chopping the chance for something to grow.
Many Thais believe that seeing a monitor lizard will bring on unhealthy luck, similar to individuals in Western countries assume that black cats are an emblem of bad luck. This is as a end result of monitor lizards lurk round cemeteries, so spirits might follow them to the place folks reside. Some individuals additionally imagine that these lizards carry unhealthy luck as a outcome of they steal chickens and eggs and can be a risk to small animals.
However, there are additionally Thais who believe that monitor lizards symbolise wealth and fortune. For these individuals, discovering these gigantic lizards near their houses means they’re in for some good luck. They may even feed the lizards to extend their good luck.
In Thailand, there are heaps of superstitions and non secular beliefs around pregnancy. The first superstition is that pregnant women shouldn’t attend funerals as a result of the evil spirits and ghosts of graveyards will frighten the unborn child. Pregnant ladies are also advised towards sitting on stairways as this could lead to an obstructed birth, and they should keep away from burying anything within the floor while they are pregnant as that is thought to result in a tough supply. Additionally, anticipating moms shouldn’t watch another pregnant girl give birth as a result of it’s going to make their own labour troublesome.
Like in many nations across Southeast Asia, physiognomy — the artwork of interpreting personality and behaviour from outward look — is a big factor in Thailand. For example, you shouldn’t belief someone who has a mole on the decrease lips with your secrets and techniques. Moreover, birthmarks even have meanings. Those who’ve one are seen as outdated souls and have had a previous life. On the other hand, those that don’t have marks are new souls.
Some of these superstitions are a little odd and will even be illogical. However, they play an enormous position in Thai society. Whether you believe in them and don’t wish to push your luck or you just want to learn more about the local tradition before visiting Thailand, understanding these superstitions is undoubtedly helpful to know..

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